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We make water quality visible
Our Mission
Our mission is to map the water quality of the planet and help our society transit to a renewable economy.

AI-powered sensing modules for water operating systems

Resource Extraction
Industrial process optimization for treatment and removal of pollutants.
Food Production
Virtual sensing of critical water parameters for healthier yield and responsible use of water.
Environmental monitoring
In-site, real-time monitoring of inorganic elements in water, including nutrients.

Our product

New water data delivered to you in real time.

Our user-friendly data platform REFLECT is ready to interact with your water management system. See your data in real-time, and play with it. Reflect on the prognosis: be proactive, not reactive.
ABAIA is our proprietary sensor-module which measures parameters that are invisible to current sensing technologies: robust, low-maintenance, reagent-free.

Success stories

Continuous real-time monitoring of mine water and acid mine drainage.
Who we are
Watergenics was founded in 2019 out of the frustration of having too little data for decision-making in water quality management. The economic and political implications of water quality management are vast and availability of water quality data is hence a must-have for a world society which transitions to a renewable economy. Therefore, making water quality visible anytime, anywhere has become our mission.
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